Ways to Help

Get more involved with Compete 4 Causes (C4C) by volunteering, donating, and spreading the word.

Become more intimately involved with local charities, organizations, and foundations by introducing C4C as a means to a brighter future.  Stay connected and informed by joining us on Facebook & Twitter and encouraging others to do the same.

C4C raises 100% of its funding from the generosity of the community through fundraising events, individual contributions, corporate donations, and sponsorships.  In addition to monetary contributions, volunteers play an active role in our success.  By encouraging the spirit of giving while promoting healthy competition, we’re able to achieve mission driven results.

Unite with C4C to be part of an exciting and fast paced atmosphere.  We value our volunteers, partners, sponsors, and liaisons.  We are committed to creating a positive working relationship by offering a healthy and fun environment, while working as a team and providing the support needed to be successful.

Make a difference and get involved, contact us today at info@Compete4Causes.org.

About Compete4Causes

Compete 4 Causes (C4C) is a nonprofit organization that supports Causes and Charities.  By promoting the spirit of giving, we achieve mission driven results.  We are committed to helping our society achieve positive growth and success, through innovative efforts that promote a healthy and fit lifestyle.

C4C was conceived in 2007, but meticulous thought and preparation was given to properly launch in 2011.  C4C is quickly becoming a well-established nonprofit organization that inspires personal growth, community integration and financial support for underprivileged organizations and individuals.  Countless events and achievements have shaped the development of our organization and helped to change the lives of everyone involved.

C4C desires to give back to their communities and to better the lives of the people.  Through joint efforts from individuals, groups, and corporations, C4C continues to empower children, families and organizations to achieve lifelong success.  Compete 4 Causes (C4C) is committed to improving and building a strong foundation for the future.


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