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Each participant or group of participants will Select a Cause or Organization (that’s registered with us) and the proceeds will go to that Cause or Organization.   

Each donor will Select a Cause or Organization (that’s registered with us) and the proceeds will go to that Cause or Organization.  Additionally, participants, groups of participants, and Organizations (that’s registered with us) can have family, friends, and supporters donate on their behalf to their Cause or Organization.   

(Donate to a Cause or Organization (that’s registered with us), Donate on behalf of a Participant, Donate on behalf of a group of participants, or Donate on behalf of an Organization) 

Organizations can contact us to help create and host an event for their Organization or participate at one of our existing events.  Once they’ve registered with us, we’ll add them to our list of Organizations so Participants and Donors can select them when Registering or Donating and the proceeds will go directly to that Organization.   

In addition, each of our events will have a Featured Cause and we’ll invite several charities and organizations that represent the Featured Cause to promote the Cause as well as their individual charities and organizations. 

We’ll also provide Causes, Charities, and Organizations a platform to raise public awareness and increase their notoriety to gain more support at our Events as well as our Website, Social Media outlets, Brochures, Literature, and any other means.     

Then at our events, we encourage every participant to promote their cause or organization by wearing T-Shirts of their cause or organization and/or any other means of representing their Cause.  We also recommend inviting their friends and family to the event to help support them and cheer them on during the event as well as support their Cause.  Additionally, they can invite their charity or organization to be present at our Events as well as set up a booth and display banners to further promote their Cause.  We’ll list all the causes chosen on our website as well as discuss these causes on our website and feature them on our Cause of the Month, not to mention make donations that month to that cause.    

Cause of the Month:
Each month we’ll post a Cause of the Month on our Website, where we’ll talk about a certain Cause as well as bring notoriety to that Cause.  We’ll also donate to that Cause.  Additionally, we’ll have an open discussion and bring awareness to that Cause.  We’ll also raise questions, post educational facts, resources, links, etc…  On our Nutrition section, our Registered Dietitian will specifically blog and discuss nutrition facts about each Cause of the Month as well as post recipes, articles, links, and recommend foods that can help each particular Cause of the Month.  She will alsoanswer questions pertaining to that cause. 

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Our Causes

General Fund

Featured Cause, Cause of the Month, C4C, etc…


Research, Treatment, Prevention


Research, Treatment, Prevention


The Humane Society, The Animal Rescue Site, etc…


School programs, musicians, dancers, painters, etc…


also Down syndrome


All types; also Research, Treatment, Prevention


Make A Wish, Toys For Tots, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club, Youth Sports & Organizations, etc…

Community Outreach

American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Feeding America, Domestic Natural Disasters Zones, etc…


Research, Treatment, Prevention


Stroke, Meningitis, Arthritis, Hepatitis, HPV, Vaccinations, Lupus, Sickle Cell, etc…


Schools, Scholarships, Students, Teachers, etc…


Earth, Rainforest, Trees, Chemical Waste, Conservation, Energy, Water, Carbon Footprint, etc…


Malaria, Clean Water, Hunger, Natural Disasters, etc…


Heart Disease, Heart Health, Heart Attacks, Cholesterol, etc…


Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, etc…

Mental Health

Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Anxiety, Amnesia, etc…


Research, Treatment, Prevention

Physical Health

Muscular Dystrophy, Eating Disorders, Scoliosis, etc…


Psoriasis, Eczema, Rosacea, Burns, Pigmentation, Rashes, Moles, Warts, Acne, etc…


Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Spinal Fracture, Spinal Cord Injuries, etc…