Evelyn Grace Foundation- Tribute to Childhood Cancer Angels

Evelyn Grace Foundation- Tribute to Childhood Cancer Angels

Evelyn Grace Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2010.  The mission of the Evelyn Grace Foundation is to raise funds for infant leukemia research and advances in treatment, to raise awareness to support families with children who are battling infant or childhood leukemia and other forms of childhood cancer, and to increase awareness regarding cord blood donation.

Most people are unaware of the number of cancers that affect our children. On the average, 46 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every day in the U.S. Every 3-1/2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Although strides have been made, survival rates remain very low for many of these cancers. Due to Evelyn’s age and type of leukemia at diagnosis, her chance of survival was only approximately 20%. Following relapse, her survival was greatly decreased to almost nonexistent, yet we held on to hope for a miracle. Our vision for this foundation is to educate our society about how hard these children fight, even when faced with insurmountable odds, and how much research remains to be done to advance the search for a cure.

The Evelyn Grace Foundation (EGF) was established after our daughter, Evelyn lost her brave battle with congenital infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a rare and aggressive form of children’s cancer.

For 5 months, Evelyn fought and inspired us all to live every moment to it’s fullest. Though Evelyn’s battle with leukemia ended last year – we will fight on in her honor until the day every child is guaranteed a cure. It’s one of the many things we learned from Evelyn.  Our experience in the trenches fighting along side Evelyn showed us that many forms of pediatric cancer are incurable, underfunded and too many children do not survive.

We are focused on research for less common and less curable childhood cancers.  Evelyn’s cancer- congenital acute lymphoblastic leukemia, sadly there is little research and few treatment options.  Infant leukemia is particularly aggressive and frequently fatal.  We want to bring awareness and assistance to the 20% of children for whom standard protocol chemotherapy and radiation is not successful.

There is promising research which sequences genes in leukemia cells to identify molecules to target therapy.   Gene targeted therapies are less toxic than traditional treatment, it is also more effective because it targets the source of the cancer and does not compromise the rest of the body by eliminating the immune system.  It is our hope that this research will bring scientist one step closer to a cure for infant leukemia. It is our goal to get researchers the funding they need to advance these studies.

Through The Evelyn Grace Foundation we facilitate grassroots fundraising for pediatric cancer research and draw attention to the challenges these brave children and their families face every day in treatment.

We are dedicated to raising awareness that infants and children get cancer too and that families need help navigating what will be the most difficult journey of their lives.  EGF is committed to providing support to children and families who are experiencing the heartache, emotional and financial stress resulting from hospitalizations and the day-to-day torment of cancer treatment.

We are passionately focused on increasing awareness of infant leukemia and accelerating research towards a cure.

Media Change in Mexico – Casa De La Esperanza

Media Change in Mexico – Casa De La Esperanza

Media Change is honoured to serve Casa de la Esperanza. When we break outside our culture and begin to serve the needs of others, there’s no telling how God will bless us. Yet He blesses us. Sometimes with a gift of seeing how He is caring for the abandoned children in Mexico while giving us a chance to be His instrument. If you’d like to learn more about Casa de la Esperanza please visit: ahouseofhope.com.

The Mission of Media Change

We believe that ‘Jesus Encounters’ didn’t end 2,000 years ago—but that you can see Him at work through His servants all over the world. Thousands of ministries shelter widows and orphans, feed the hungry, dig wells for the thirsty, work to end slavery and speak to those in prison. Our Mission is to capture the kingdom of God on film. 5 minutes of primetime television will show you what the kingdoms of this world are up to. Shouldn’t their also be a place where you you can turn to see what the kingdom of God is up to? That is our aim. No other generation has been afforded such an opportunity to connect with the Church at large through media and technology… but sadly, we’ve wasted so much of our time on what John Piper calls “entertaining ourselves to death”.

America spends over a trillion dollars a year on entertainment. Is it worth the investment? The UN estimates that 200 billion would end world hunger and yet we spend five times that amount entertaining ourselves. The prophet Isaiah asks: “Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy?” (Isa 55:2)

It’s time for a change, a Media Change, and you can play a huge part. By joining media change with a donation of only $10 a month, you can help bring inspiration to our world through Christian media. You’re our executive producers!

EDIFYMovement on a Mission to Mexico: Casa De La Esperanza

EDIFYMovement on a Mission to Mexico: Casa De La Esperanza

About the Mission to Mexico

We took a long journey out to Chihuahua, Mexico to a little town called Anahuac. We stayed one week at children’s home, Casa De La Esperanza. We introduced the orphans to different styles of dance and got them to let out their God given creativity!!

These kids are so special and E.D.I.F.Y. Movement wants to be able to bring this experience to orphans all around the world. Currently, we are planning a 4 week missionary trip back to Casa De La Esperanza. All fundraising information and future missionary trips can be found on facebook and twitter. Feel free to contact us! God Bless!

Visit Edify on facebook at: www.facebook.com/EdifyMovement

MISSION: The E.D.I.F.Y. Movement, “Educate, Dance, Inspire, Faith = YOU!, aspires to use dance of all genres to nurture, grow, and educate the minds, bodies and spirits of dancers, parents, teachers and studio owners.


Our current dance climate provides a tremendous opportunity for large groups of people to gather together to share our mutual passion for dance and it is our belief that this venue can be used for SO much more that just teaching moves!

How do we EDIFY?

E.M. provides tangible education on pertinent issues that affect the spiritual, emotional and physical condition of EVERY person attending an E.M. event.


E.D.I.F.Y. Movement was founded by Leslie Scott, it is her desire to see EM welcome people of ALL doctrines, sexuality preferences, lifestyles, and beliefs. In the eyes of God we are ALL equal!

Bayside Church – Kenya Compassion

Bayside Church – Kenya Compassion

Bayside is passionate about outreach! Whether it’s collecting food and clothing, ministering to the the disadvantaged, serving seniors, fighting to stop sex-trafficking in Sacramento and Cambodia or providing education to end HIV/AIDS in Kenya – we’re doing it with passion. Share the love of Jesus. Build relationships. Meet needs. Volunteer. Grow. Make a Difference.

Visit Bayside Church at: www.baysideonline.com

Local Outreach

Together we’re reaching our region by changing the community one life at a time. We help accomplish the mission of the church by serving together and sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ through our actions and words. Regardless of your interests, spiritual gifts or talents, there is a place for you to serve.

Global Outreach

We’re passionate about empowering the local church body to reach the world for Christ globally through partnership, prayer and participation. Some of our annual trips include: Cambodia, Colombia, India, Kenya and Nigeria. New trips are added often, so check out how you can get involved today!

Rising Star Outreach. Working to Cure Leprosy.

Rising Star Outreach. Working to Cure Leprosy.

Visit Rising Star Outreach to learn more about their cause and how you can give or volunteer!


People who have contracted leprosy must often spend their lives completely isolated from society, although they may have been cured.

They, and members of their families, sometimes find it impossible to marry, receive education or find work. An estimated 100 million people worldwide are victims of this discrimination. In India there are over 700 “leprosy colonies” where the stigma of leprosy is inevitably perpetuated.

If caught early enough, Leprosy can be stopped before it ravages a body and ruins a life.

We are accomplishing this through four major initiatives:

  • Economic rehabilitation through micro-lending.
  • Providing medical care through mobile medical clinics.
  • Educating children; providing opportunities to become productive citizens.
  • Creating life-long humanitarians by providing service opportunities for volunteers.

History of Rising Star Outreach

While visiting India in 2000, our founder observed a depth of suffering that was palpable. She witnessed human beings in deplorable conditions. Worst of all were the Leprosy beggars, who would approach her at every stop begging for help.

When she returned to the United States, she was so haunted by those images that she knew she had to act. She called four close friends, and around her kitchen table they quietly formed Rising Star Outreach. It was incorporated and received its 501(c)(3) tax-free status in March 2002. Their mission, as it was originally defined, was to provide loving homes and much needed educational opportunities for some of the needy children in India.

After a few years of supporting other organizations, the first official Rising Star Outreach children’s home was rented and opened in April of 2004 with 27 children from the Leprosy colonies.

The success of the home was stunning, and in 2005 a second childrens home was rented and opened for 32 additional colony kids. Now officially recognized by the Indian government, Rising Star has been commended for the high standard of care and excellence maintained in the school as the children prepare to enter mainstream society.

As word got out among the Leprosy colonies of the Rising Star Outreach childrens homes, the waiting list began to grow until it became clear that there was a significant need for a permanent facility. In November 2005 Rising Star purchased 13.5 acres of land, following an eighteen-month search. In October of 2006, construction began on a permanent school for the children. The property will also house a childrens village, composed of several small homes in which the children will live until the age of 18. The first phase is estimated for completion in June of 2007 and construction of the entire campus scheduled to be completed by December 2008.

While Rising Star was happy to have finally found a way to successfully care for the children of Leprosy victims, the suffering of their families who remained behind in the colonies could not be ignored. The school director had began taking rice and beans out to the colonies each month in order to provide them with basic sustenance. This, however, was only a temporary solution, and Rising Star recognized the need to help the people learn to provide for themselves. That goal was realized in June of 2003, when they met Padma Venkataraman while working in the colonies.

The daughter of India’s former president, Padma was already well-known throughout India for her pioneering work facilitating micro-finance projects in Leprosy colonies. By providing small loans (usually around $15-20 US dollars) people were able to purchase equipment and supplies necessary to begin their own small business. Having just completed a successful five-year project with DANITA, Padma was thrilled to partner with Rising Star to continue her work helping Leprosy victims. For the first time in known history, those afflicted with Leprosy were provided with a viable alternative to begging and were rising above the stigma of their disease.

As the colonies began to improve their economic situation, the primary challenge they faced was the lack of consistent medical care. Access to hospitals was difficult, both logistically and due to the social stigma. Rising Star Outreach responded to this problem with the initiation of a Mobile Medical Unit in March 2005. Finally, severely deformed Leprosy victims’ problem of being unable to leave the colony for adequate medical care was resolved. Run completely by a team of excellent Indian doctors, the unit travels to the colonies and provides leprosy screening, medicines for treatment, wound and ulcer care, and medical treatment for non-leprosy related ailments such as TB, typhoid fever, and diabetes.

By the end of 2004 it became clear that the organization in the United States had grown large enough to require the management of a professional staff and Rising Star hired its first Executive Director, followed by a dedicated staff both paid and volunteer.

Rising Star Outreach has now grown into a nationally recognized force in the fight against Leprosy. They have clarified their mission to focus on one specific objective: to help the Leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities.

To accomplish this, Rising Star continually builds on their three basic initiatives.

  1. To teach the children from the colonies pride in their Indian heritage and to provide them tools necessary to break the generational cycle of dependence on society and instead become productive members of that society.
  2. To encourage ostracized families to work toward independence by providing loans for small businesses and structural improvements.
  3. To address the physical ravages of Leprosy’s bitter attack and screen for new cases through mobile medical units.

The success of Rising Star Outreach to date has truly been a miracle. It is one that they attribute completely to the kindness and generosity of concerned people all over the world and the loving hand of God.

Dollar a day philanthropy adds up for non-profits

Dollar a day philanthropy adds up for non-profits

Memphians who donate one dollar a day to the Community Foundation’s “Give 365” initiative have a direct say in who gets their money.

Give 365 members gathered at Bridges in Downtown Memphis on Tuesday evening, October 4, to hear pitches from 17 Memphis area non-profit agencies.

A representative from each agency had a maximum of three minutes to give an overview of their mission and how they’d use grants ranging in size from $2,500 to $7,500.

“People like the efficiency of hearing from so many non-profits at one time,” said Ashley Harper, grants and initiatives officer at the Community Foundation of Greater Memphis. “They learn about good work they’ve heard about and others they had no idea were going on.”

Members of Give 365 have until next Wednesday, October 12, to vote on-line to decide who will share this year’s grants. The members’ votes will create a priority list of agencies most worthy of grants in 2011.

Donating one dollar a day, the inaugural Give 365 gifts totaled $34,650 in 2010.

Memphis philanthropist Silvia Goldsmith Marks has pledged a matching grant of $20,000 when the Give 365 reaches 200 members, a milestone nearly reached at the Bridges gathering on Tuesday night. The current membership total is 198.

Give 365’s website says the program is a new way of bringing people together for good. By pooling donations, Give 365 leverages “the loose change in your pocket to help create big change in Memphis,” according to the site.

Among those vying for grants from Give 365 this year are: Hatiloo Theatre, Junior League G.R.O.W. Supper Club, JIFF, HopeWorks, Brooks Museum, Memphis Music Foundation, Advance Memphis, CASA, DeNeuville Learning Center, Second Chances Foundation, Memphis Interfaith Hospitality Network, Porter-Leath, Veritas Prep, Exchange Club, Synergy Treatment Center and Su Casa Family Ministries.

You can learn more about the program by clicking on Give 365’s website, Facebook page, clicking on the Community Foundation website or by calling Ashley Harper at 901-722-0022.