$30 / participant.  Proceeds go to the cause or organization of your choice!


Meet friends and family at Cal State Long Beach to race and raise money for the cause or organization of your choice! If you have any questions about run 4 your cause please visit our Events page for more information, to register or sign the event waiver. We look forward to seeing you at this great event!

Event Information

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    Come join us and make a Difference! Unite with family, friends, and your community to SUPPORT YOUR CAUSE.

    Select your Cause when you Register and support your local Charity, Organization, or Cause. You can even create a new Cause that others can support by registering your Cause online at

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    Race Results – Run 4 Your Cause – CSUN

    Click here for Race Results.

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    Event Maps – “Run 4 Your Cause” – CSUN

    If you are participating in Run 4 Your Cause at Cal State Northridge you will want to check out route that you will be racing. Also included are details about navigating the campus, parking and where the wellness expo will be taking place.

Partners & Sponsors

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Featured Cause

  • Evelyn Grace Foundation

    Evelyn Grace Foundation- Tribute to Childhood Cancer Angels

    The mission of the Evelyn Grace Foundation is to raise funds for infant leukemia research and advances in treatment, to raise awareness to support families with children who are battling infant or childhood leukemia and other forms of childhood cancer, and to increase awareness regarding cord blood donation.

Nutritionist Says…

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    Tips for Eating More Plant Foods

    Without a doubt, research tells us over and over again that those consuming more plant foods are the healthiest. A diet based on plant-foods has been shown to help prevent and reverse symptoms of type 2 diabetes and heart disease and prevent cancer.

More Health & Fitness

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    5k Training Schedule

    5K is the perfect distance for first-timers. Even if you’re a couch potato, you can be ready for a 5K in a couple of months. Here’s How.

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    Exercise and Physical Activity: What’s the Difference?

    Physical activity is defined as movement that involves contraction of your muscles. Any of the activities we do throughout the day that involve movement — housework, gardening, walking, climbing stairs — are examples of physical activity.

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    Measuring Your Personal Fitness Level

    “It is an individual measurement that is not always dependent on how much physical activity you do,” notes Jim Pivarnik, PhD, president of the American College of Sports Medicine and director of the Center for Physical Activity and Health at Michigan State University in East Lansing .


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